Saturday, March 24, 2012

March Activity

We have had days and inches of rain recently (praise God!), but as our neighbor Uncle Bruce commented, he doesn't know why those weathermen keep saying we need it.  We have mud and puddles a-plenty!

Today was not, perhaps, the best chosen day for planting, but working around a teacher's Monday-Friday schedule and another erratic schedule, today was it for planting.  Our shoes, tools, and gloves were 5 pounds heavier at the end of the morning with the heavy mud.  At least we weren't tilling or plowing in this muck... the tractor might still be sitting.

And our day in pictures...
More onions (3 rows of Walla Walla to the east of the others)

No potatoes growing above ground yet!

Garlic and tree onions, growing well.

Tree onions springing back after the tilling.

Children's garden
Plenty of potatoes here already!

All-Blue, 12 hours after cutting.
They look very purple rather than blue, but either way, great color!

James purchased a 400-gallon fuel tank and stand for $40.
Well done, James!
No, no tractor came home with us from the auction, although it was a close call!

While James was bidding like a mad-man, Bear Cub Q played in a mud puddle created by a gaggle of girls.  By the time James and Dan brought back the tank, I had no choice but to hose down Bear Cub Q outside, as he was mud from head to toe.

We also helped paint the chicken coop at Second Hand Ranch.

James and I have two matching sunburns, the quite horrible ones that will blister for me but never for him.  The kids have a touch on their necks, but James and I have thoroughly burned faces and arms.  When will I learn to avoid the first sunburn of the year? Sunscreen needs to come out before it's hot!

It was a good day.

Until next time, remember, this is not paradise.  It's Purgatory Ranch.

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