Saturday, March 10, 2012

Potato Planting

Last week's plowing cut today's work down from 10 hours to 96 minutes.  (Last year, tilling, composting, moving the compost, digging rows, and planting took nearly 10 hours.)

First, James and my M., my sister, marked the rows with yard sticks and a broken hoe.
Each line is approximately two feet apart.
(Remember it from last year?)
 Next, James, my dad, my sister, and I began digging trenches for the potatoes.  Dad and I worked under the "dig a row, plant a row" banner while James and M. dug like machines!

Not too long after, some new-to-the-Ranch friends came with another trusty shovel and strong back.

On with planting!  Each potato is loosely 12" away from the previous.  Loosely because we didn't measure.
After covering the potatoes with SIGNIFICANTLY less labor than last year, we celebrated with a little lunch.

Tuna salad and egg salad on homemade bread.

Welcome to Purgatory!

Many thanks to our friends and family who made such short work of planting!  Dan and Myle, we missed you.

There's still plenty of space for more goodies.  We're thinking onions.  What else?

And, one more important item of business:

Until next time, remember, this is not paradise.  It's Purgatory Ranch.

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  1. For future reference:
    in the NORTH bed:
    S 13 rows: Kennebec
    mid 8 rows: Viking
    N 8 rows: Yukon

    in the SOUTH bed:
    west 7 rows: Dakota Crisp
    next 4 rows: Red Norland