Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fowl Pox

I feel terrible for our chickens, as it appears many of them are suffering from fowl pox (fortunately, it appears to be the dry/external type rather than the wet/internal/more deadly type).

Because Naked Necks have more "feather-free" areas, I noticed the spots on their necks before the faces, but I {think} fowl pox is the culprit.
 There's nothing to be done, and other than vaccinating, nothing to prevent it.  I haven't failed in sanitation or feeding, as pox is usually transmitted by mosquitoes.  What am I going to do about mosquitoes?
I pray we have few, if any, resulting deaths, and am grateful that thus far, their appetites and behavior seem to be pretty normal.

Until next time, remember, this is not paradise.  It's Purgatory Ranch.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

No Idle Hands Here

"I don't know what that deer's thinkin', but she's thinkin' crazy."

The Assistant made the above comment about a deer that persists in running into our vehicles.  James has actually "love tapped" it once, and we've seen it repeatedly, usually far too close for comfort!

I think we might be "thinkin' crazy" around here too, as we have put far too many things on our plate!

There's corn to dry and separate for cornmeal.

A chicken coop to complete.

Neighbor's apples to harvest, juice, and can.  (I might try fruit vinegar this year as well!)

 Weeds (and more weeds) to pull.  At least I freed the mailbox from the volunteer mulberry tree and the chest high weeds.

 The same cannot be said about the flagpole bed.
 And then, in case we weren't busy enough, this lovely catapas tree was struck my lightning.  This was (and is) traumatic on many levels.  Firstly, it will have to be cut down, as the entire center is dying.

 Secondly, there is a large field of debris.  We are SO blessed that no one or no animal was near the tree, and that James' truck windows weren't burst.
 Unfortunately, said lightning strike fried a breaker in our house and I am having trouble getting an electrician.  We did get power back in a reasonable amount of time, and AT&T replaced our modem by midday, giving me the freedom of internet and phone access again.

There are bushes and weeds running rampant.
 At least I finally cleared the table of harvest mess.  You can still see the bucket of sunflower heads waiting me to the left, but all the peppers, beans, and tomatoes are corralled or preserved (for now!)/
With a grateful heart for the food and shelter around us, I'm back to work!

Until next time, remember, this is not paradise.  It's Purgatory Ranch.