Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Babies on the Acres

A few weeks ago, we had an incident in which our guinea fowl wandered into a neighbor's yard.  Said neighbor and children were worried that our guineas didn't belong out, so they commenced a three hour hunt.  One guinea was too clever to be caught, but the result was a very traumatized, skittish, and otherwise not-flock-friendly bird.  We called him PT (for post-traumatic stress).  We considered catching and butchering him but thought maybe, given time, he would recover.

'Twas never to be.   He was most likely a victim of another hawk strike.
The day after PT vanished, we found an add on Craigslist for guineas, all sizes and many colors.  James and two kids went to pick out a new flock.  I was surprised to meet the new flock... complete with a mama hen, Big Red, who will mother her ten adopted babies.  This is a much easier way than heat lamps and cold spring weather!  Eight are striped and two are white.

We hope for a longer life span for this babies!

Until next time, remember, this is not paradise.  It's Purgatory Ranch.

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