Sunday, November 14, 2010


Isn't the green pretty?  We tried two different colors and amounts of Wilton food coloring.  The prettiest?  Kelly Green, added only in one small dollop rather than two!
I should have posted about our canning exploits this summer, but I didn't.  (c'est la vie, right?)  While the canning took place not on the ranch, it is a skill we want to master in order to live with the ability to make use of all the food we grow.

Today Myle and I made mint jelly while the menfolk took the kids to a playground.  It was a much faster process than our original day-long sticky, hot agony over a few quarts of applesauce.  We're much more efficient, significantly less clumsy, and more confident.  Next year, we'll knock out those apples in no time at all.

Until next time, remember, this is not paradise.  It's Purgatory Ranch.


  1. Very cool, and I like the color a lot! What is mint jelly used for? Just like any other jelly?

  2. Mint jelly is also good on lamb I know :).

    Katie, did you have any homemade applesauce for us... or was there not enough?