Tuesday, May 4, 2010

PR vs. The Bureaucrats

This evening, the cruel gauntlet of Bureaucracy smote the collective soul of Purgatory Ranch a mighty blow.

To spare the technical details, PR is not large enough in Nanny County to build two domiciles. It needs to be rezoned and replatted. This evening, in a glorious 5-0 vote, the Planning Board of Nanny County denied our rezoning request. This is a separate procedure from the replatting request which hasn't been made yet. The rezoning was denied on account of the replatting. Assuredly, if they were considering our platting, they would have denied it based on our rezoning. Confused? Yeah.

Here's what I was reminded: don't ever tell anyone with the government any more than the bare minimum to extricate from their grubby clutches what you and you loved one's need to thrive/survive.

We are back to the drawing table. All bets are off, or on as the case may be. Additional purchasing, conniving, and /or groveling may be in order.

As James remarked, following our bitter denial, evidently God wanted us to tweak our plans. After fuming on the drive home, I have accepted this as true. Fiat! I am now eagerly anticipating the dawning moment when the purpose of this obstacle shall be revealed.

Despite the technocratic rebuff, the trees and potatoes continue to grow, and someone someday shall live in Purgatory. Ranch, that is...


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  1. What I want to know is: "What next, God? What next?"