Monday, May 3, 2010

This Side of the Eschaton

Yes, Eschaton is a word.

Some wonder at the name of the Land: Purgatory Ranch.

“Wonder is the feeling of a philosopher;
and philosophy begins in wonder” (Plato)

The name is a reminder that nothing, even our ranch, this side of the Eschaton is paradise. Human sin is pervasive and the world, which came to be through him, did not know him.

I believe the naming of the conversation went something like this;

Dan: *complains about some character flaw which will lead to more time in purgatory. * (For the record: it was either about cursing or laziness, which are both flaws that may be at the same time poetic and enjoyable contextually and out of mixed company)

James: *Pointing to land starting with the freshly tilled potato patch* “This is a great place to work off some of that purgatory time”

K: How about Purgatory Ranch?

Dan and James: Gasp

Dan: M, what about Purgatory Ranch?

M: * About 100 yards away with the elder girls, shows two thumbs up*

Purgatory is a Catholic belief, based on Scripture that because nothing unclean can enter Heaven those who die in union with Christ but without perfect contrition must be purged on the temporal consequences of and attachment to sin. “Time” in Purgatory can be worked off here on Earth through prayer and penance.

Ergo, Ora et Lobora!

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  1. I have to mildly disagree with your version of the story. Dan claimed he would have a long time to spend in purgatory as he was always the guy to do the right thing but gripe about it. I said, "Here's your chance to work it off," gesturing to the land. Dan said, "That's it, Purgatory Ranch." And we all concurred.