Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The First Fruits of Summer

Here is a visual tour of some of the first fruits of summer when God Provides:

First a video of our apiary:

Here we have the first blueberries. We grow them in a pot to help with the soil requirements. Home grown berries are the best. They taste real and this reality is washes away all worry that is not worth having anyway.

Here is the end of the first day of the Father Kapaun Pilgrimage. It was beautiful if strenuous stroll. I only lasted a day and a half (35 miles) before the blisters on my feet were so bad I had trouble standing. My good friend Kyle M. helped me walk my last mile and a half at a snails pace.

Here are two of my trouble makers at Frank Reese's Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch . Mr. Reese is salt of Earth.  He will one day be a legend. He makes money selling free range, grass pastured poultry to fancy restaurants in New York and San Francisco. (He took calls from Chef's whose names I knew while we were talking shop.) He also maintains standard brea\ds of Chickens that are essentially extinct. He does so in a way that is good for the Earth and for the birds.

Here is his ferocious guard dog. Photo credit my six-year-old.

Requisite chick photos from Attwood's.

Can you spot the evening deer?

Former students who did an awesome job painting some rooms in my house. Leave a comment if you wish me to forward their contact info.

My beautiful dog: Hope

Found on the way to my house though not my sign.

All of these things make my to do list worth it.

If Hercules could clean the Augean Stables I can get my to-do list done. Here is my to-do list for June:

(Write) Adoration chapel explanation.
Baby chick house fixing.
Battery core removal
Blue whale crossbeam
Change tractor oil
Chicken Pulcker
Electricity in the barn
Electricity to parents barn
Email Guideline Committee
Finish planting
Fix big weed eater
Fix Fan
Fix hooses
Fix irrigation hose leaks
Fix or ditch Dyson
Fix side view mirror on Chevy
Fix tiller
Fix trailer lights
Fix vineyard
Fix weed eater
Green whale door
Green whale door fix
Guinea fowl roof
Learn to rebuild carburetor
Mystagogy Schedule
Organize Desk
Organize tools
Papers for deed
Weld spare tire back on
Planting all remaining  seeds
Prayer Evening and Night Prayer
Get Will written
Shed roof
Trailer tires
Weed Stawbeeries at Noni
Weed YJ strawberries
Weld mower
White whale floor and ribs
Write Memaw
Write “Why I farm.”

This blog post is shorter than I intended it to be because my one-year-old can climb.

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