Friday, April 25, 2014

Wednesday's Storm

Why does all of our bad weather come on Wednesdays lately?  The kids and I spent the evening battening down the hatches in preparation for severe wind, possible hail, and hopefully rain.

This time, I woke at 10:40.  My first thought was that James should be home soon.

My second thought was the wind sounded fiercely terrible.

My third was that the plastic on the Meatmobile was flapping.

I got up to peer out the window, only to see the Meatmobile 2/3 uncovered with shivering chicks inside the metal tub.  Then the power went out.  I grabbed a jacket, panicked that I couldn't move 60-odd chicks alone, and found a flashlight.

As I ran outside, I realized James had come home, proceeded to scare him by demanding his immediate help, and we speedily moved the frightened chicks into the barn, where we had to cover them to keep them from predation by Andromeda, our chick-stalking cat.

Back inside, we moved the kids to the basement as the trees all around us were bowing mightily in the wind.

In the morning, we discovered plenty of damage, including 1/2 of another Bradford pear as well as a large limb from the tree we feared would punch through our roof.

And no rain.

Better yet is the knowledge that worse weather is due to arrive Saturday and Sunday.

Until next time, remember, this is not paradise.  It's Purgatory Ranch.


  1. Those pear trees have had a rough time with the Kansas weather! Here's hoping the coming weather brings you moisture and no damage!