Saturday, September 1, 2012

Potato Harvest 2012 Results

VERY belatedly...

Potato Type Seed Weight Yield Ratio
Dakota Crisp 15 58  3.867
Red Norland 5 52 10.4
Yukon 10 12 1.2
Kennebec 31 35 1.13
Viking 15 28 1.866
Misc. 10 66.5 6.65
All-Blue 5 42 8.4
TOTALS 40 293.5 7.3375

There's some monkey business with reformatting by blogger, but at least the numbers are here:

We had great yields of All-Blue and Red Norland (1:8.4 and 1:10.4).  Our leftover potatoes also produced well, especially considering that we could have (and would have) just discarded those potatoes in the compost bin.  Kennebec, Yukon, and Viking, planted in the new, less fertilized bed, had pretty lousy yields.  All told, our average was 7 pounds of potatoes for every pound of see potato we planted.  This is better than we've done in years past... we must finally have the compost about right in the original bed.

We also yielded 27 pounds of large onions.  Some rotted after our delay in harvesting, so next year we hope to do even better!

Garlic was only mediocre, but it was rather weed-stricken and less composted.  This fall, I hope to compost that bed, and on we go!

Until next time, remember, this is not paradise.  It's Purgatory Ranch.

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