Sunday, November 20, 2011

Adventures in Luffa

Or loofah, as you please.

These long-season plants, similar to cucumbers, grow MILES.  This year, our second in attempting to grow them, finally proved to be a success.  Their flowers are beautiful and attracted lots of bees in the fall.

I think I might have waited too long to begin peeling mine, but I had tried to peel another and was too quick, so I decided to be good and sure!  

We chose the floor for our peeling experiment because it was MESSY.  Here, the kids are picking out the seeds so we can try again next year!

She's so proud of herself for gathering seeds (and she closed her eyes on purpose).

Bear Cub Q wanted a picture taken too.

The leftovers.  It's supposed to be easier to peel than this, if you peel earlier,
but I didn't know that until after the fact.
I will be washing it next, and bleaching if necessary.

If you would like some seeds, please leave your email.  I'd be willing to send out a few envelopes of 10 seeds for anyone who would send me a SASE.

Until next time, remember, this is not paradise.  It's Purgatory Ranch.


  1. How wonderful! I've thought about trying to grow some luffa, just haven't gotten as far as actually planting any! I would love to be on your list for a few seeds! Not sure how they'll do here, but it's worth a shot! BTW-The pics of your Littles are just precious! Gotta love those helpers!!!

  2. Oh I just read on Bee Girl's blog that she got Luffa seeds from you. Do you still have any to give away? I'd love to grow some this year. email me your address at email4jeanette at gmail if you do and I'd send a SASE:-)