Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beautiful Day

The day began with gentle rain, just sprinkles really, and a beautifully cool air temperature.

We bought peaches straight off a truck from Colorado.  The Screamer already ate a whole one (she's not a great eater, so this is fabulous) and has been begging for more.

A visit to the land, which added only a few miles to our trip, was in order.  I cut open the survivor tomato we had brought home, but the thing was SEEDLESS.  Seedless, I tell you!  Why does it have to be complicated.
The mother plant is grasshopper-mauled, so there were virtually no leaves left.  Of the leaves remaining, most were suckers hidden in the heart of the plant.  We pulled off three suckers to try to root them and grow three new plants.  Also, we picked the last remaining (ripe) tomato in the hopes that it will not follow its sibling and be seedless.
Walking in the cool weather felt glorious.  We visited our neighbor to the south and discussed weather, weeds (we have too many growing in our erstwhile potato patch), old age (his, not ours!), and watched another neighbor back into his mailbox.

Onwards to the work of the day, making pickles with Myle!  She had cut enough pickles for 5 batches of pickles.  We made two, and she was working on more when we left.  Canning is incredibly easier this year, now that we have a better concept of timing and how to prep for the actual canning.

The Assistant tangled with a bike and lost, leaving a bloody trail at Second Hand Ranch, and is now sporting a fat lip, bloody nose, and bum knee.  We met Chocolate Black, a miniscule mouser.

Next week, we should have peach salsa coming out our ears!  I anticipate the challenge with relish.

Until next time, remember, this is not paradise.  It's Purgatory Ranch.

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