Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where Winter goes water flows... indeed. In our case 150 gallons a minute.

All pictures courtesy of Zana (5 years old).

Because of the honey-do list, this summer I am a contractor (amateurly and occasionally).

Charlie Winter dug our well.

He described it as an ordeal. The first hole, meant for a 12" pipe, collapsed at 45', so he re-drilled the hole for an 8" pipe. The 8" pipe goes all the way down to 115' with a reservoir to 135'.

Charlie started out at 16 on an oil rig. He said he got his education in the school of hard knocks. Despite this schooling and his hard hearing due to being around all that loud equipment, his soul is soft and easy to understand.

(Don't worry, I helped him with that piping. )

The well was jetted. We also had him use bentonite.

Although I suggested that she take a few pictures of the truck, I have no idea why Zana took pictures of this part of the truck, but it does look cool. She braved the tall grass, asking to make there was no poison ivy where she wanted to stand to get this picture. She is very careful if easy freaked out.

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