Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wednesday's Work

Belated, I know, but at least there are pictures!

Rose Finn Apple potatoes.  These are fingerling, and planted in the new (north) bed, so they are smaller.  We'll see what golden goodness is underneath in the next few weeks!

Onions were mulched.  Poor things, they want the nice bed most of the potatoes have.
Next year, it will be their turn!

The potato patch goes on forever!
We will begin harvesting next week.

Tree onions and garlic.
Does anyone know exactly when you harvest tree onions and/or when you replant the bulbs?
We replanted some for a trial.

Until next time, remember.  This is not paradise.  It's Purgatory Ranch.

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  1. Love it, and I love that you can have your pictures a bit bigger with the new layout!