Sunday, April 25, 2010

Visit to the Land

With James' parents in town for Q's baptism on Sunday, we decided they needed to see the land. I also wanted to check the status of our potatoes. The men had reported sprouts, but I wanted to confirm. I am a doubter by nature...

There had been thunderstorms during the day, with hail called for. On our way out, however, we saw no signs of hail, and there was no rain to dampen our enthusiasm.

Potatoes are sprouting through the returning grass. Our next task will be to weed and hoe (our neighbor chided James for not hoeing better). The east end has more and larger sprouts, and James says that is where he has hoed previously, so it is time to get to work! Garlic sprouts were nonexistent, so either they were eaten or the cloves were bad.

There are plenty of leaves on many of our saplings. To be honest, I feared they would mostly die, so I was greatly relieved to see green shoots, even though many of the saplings are planted too deeply.
We trekked to Six Penny Pond, where James and his stepdad saw a skunk (was it the same Dan shot at?).

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